#NashCoffeeMadness Championship

nash coffee madness

::Cue Jock Jams:: Y'all ready for this?! 

It's the final round of #NashCoffeeMadness and playing in the championship round are [drumroll please]:

Frothy Monkey

Congratulations, Frothy and CREMA! We're big fans, too. Here's an updated bracket, for those playing along at home:

nash coffee madness bracket

And the top-three rankings at this time: 
1. Nicole (she correctly predicted the final two!): 20 points
2. Blake: 16 points
3. Mary: 14 points

This is the last time to vote! Be sure to pick your favorite so they can win the prestige of being the #NashCoffeeMadness 2015 champion! (We're sure they'll want to print up t-shirts and hats and mugs.)

Since this is the final round, we're going to do things a little differently. To vote, let us know which coffee shop should win via the comments section, Twitter, or Facebook. The deadline to vote is Wednesday, April 8, at noon, CST. Get your votes in before that time for them to count! 

We will find out the #NashCoffeeMadness 2015 Champion on Wednesday! And our bracket winner! Thanks for voting! 

Posted on April 6, 2015 .