Mama Mocha's [Auburn, AL]

Mama Mocha’s is located in downtown Auburn, Alabama, but it looks like it could be in Asheville, North Carolina. What I mean by that is, well, it’s very hippy-bohemian.

What? They're definitely not looking at me and judging me.

What? They're definitely not looking at me and judging me.

When you walk in, you get that vibe immediately. It’s kind of like if Felix from Orphan Black turned his loft into a coffee shop. I realize that is a reference for a very specific audience, but I feel like it works so I’m leaving it here.

There are man-buns and tie-dye and inside scarves a-plenty. There is a stuffed animal mounted on the wall, which I am just now noticing after looking back at photos. Nothing seems super intentional decor-wise, but I suppose that is the point.

No comment on the amount of incriminating leaves in this picture.

No comment on the amount of incriminating leaves in this picture.

They do have a comic book library (that apparently also has records?), which was fun, and a space for live music, which was not happening literally until we left.

Possibly my favorite part was the wifi password:


A pack of men dressed in varying modes of attire came in at one point and exchanged “hey girl”s with the (male) barista. They were clearly regulars. I felt conspicuously uncool in their shadow.

All of the descriptions above would lead one to believe these folks would know how to make a darn good cup of coffee. I’m sad to say that one would be wrong.

I ordered a french press coffee because a) I was too full from dinner for a cup full of steamed milk and b) I figured it would be a safe bet here and c) I wanted to feel cool.

Unfortunately it tasted like the paper cup it came in. How did they manage to make coffee taste like paper? I don’t know. But it happened.

French Press Taste Rating: bye Felicia

My brother got a latte and enjoyed it. Here is the picture:

Good thing their art game is on point.

Latte art rating: 8

They sell various shirts that say “pot head” on them (get it? like COFFEE pot?). My dad bought my mom one. Add that to the list of things I am leaving here with no comment.

In this, of all places, I was trying to be nonchalant about taking photos (we really need to get on those “don’t worry I’m a blogger #notweird” shirts), so I didn’t do much in-depth reporting, but suffice it to say this place was like a weird, dreadlocked gem in the middle of a college town in Alabama. I feel like I would give it another shot, but order something different, since people on the internet seem to think this place is the best thing since Starbucks ruined America.

Ratings Round-Up:

Level of Uncomfortableness Upon Walking In: 7. We were not regulars. It was obvious.

Level of Pretentiousness: 8, but only if the pretentiousness like plays the bongos instead of an ironic keytar.

Have you ever had coffee that tastes like paper? Would you have enjoyed a comic book library? DOES this place remind you of Felix's loft? I need to know.

Posted on April 29, 2015 .