#NashCoffeeMadness Final Four

Guys, we made it. This is the Final Four. Your four favorite coffee shops in Nashville (out of the sixteen we gave you to choose from, and in the weird way that brackets work sometimes) are: 

Frothy Monkey
Ugly Mugs

::Crowd Cheering::

The Elite Eight featured our closest "game" yet with Ugly Mugs just edging out Edgehill Cafe (that pun was seriously not intended, but thanks for enduring it #sportsterms) to take their seat in the Final Four. Every vote counts. We don't even have the electoral system, so you know that's true. 

As you can see, Laura has updated our bracket:

Y'all have really rocked the vote so far, so thank you! We had almost double the votes for Final Four as we did for Elite Eight. And for those who filled out brackets, here's how the rankings are, currently:

Tied for first place: Nicole P. and Blake T.

Second Place: Mary W.

Third Place: Katie A.

Here's the Final Four poll. Vote for your favorite!

The Final Four voting will close on Monday at 12pm CST. We know that gives you less time, but there are only two things to vote on, so we believe in you! (This also had to happen because we want to end our March Madness sometime around the actual March Madness ending and we're great at advanced planning and stuff. This also means we'll post on Monday with the championship teams and you'll get to vote on those, too, so stay tuned.)

Posted on April 1, 2015 .