Slow Hand Coffee


Slow Hand Coffee is located in downtown Nashville, across from Cummins Station in the suite where Coffee, Lunch. used to be (RIP). It's a great place to stop in for breakfast or lunch if you work downtown. We went on a beautiful day in October (our posting schedule is a little behind. Sorry not sorry.) after several of you suggested/asked that we go. You're welcome. 


The shop is small, but it’s got style. We loved their logo — a beard with a silhouette of a coffee cup for a mouth, above a portafilter and wisk [E is trusting L on this portafilter thing.]. There’s a counter to order when you walk in, with some tables across from it along the window. Around the corner there is some fishbowl seating and a few more tables (all 2-tops), across from where you collect your food.

slow hand

Because it’s across from Cummins Station, we saw a handful of business types come in to grab a quick lunch and go. Also because it’s Cummins Station, most of them were wearing jeans and/or plaid. Very few people stayed for longer than a few minutes (read: us). The size of the shop and its bustling probably doesn’t make it a great place to hunker down and get work done or study, but that didn’t stop Laura from doing it.

They played unedited Mumford & Sons while we were there ("Little Lion Man," not the radio version, to be specific). This seemed important to note. 

Slow Hand has a ton of lunch and breakfast options. They also have the added bonus of pop-culture-y names (the ‘flava flavvvv,’ the ‘great hambino,’ ‘little foot’ [shoutout to our Land Before Time fans], the ‘Michelle Tanner’) — always a plus in our book.

slow hand


L: I ordered a special — white bean chicken chili with a side of cornbread. It was really good (albeit scalding hot at first), though a little less creamy than I expected compared to other chicken chilis I’ve had in the past. Still very delicious, as was the cornbread.

Professional photography skills exhibited above.

Professional photography skills exhibited above.

I got a salted caramel latte (GETTING CRAZY CHANGING IT UP OVER HERE), also delicious. It wasn’t too sweet, which I appreciate, and you could definitely taste a hint of salt.

Latte Taste rating: 9

E: I got The James Brown,  smoked turkey, hickory smoked bacon, pickled tomatoes, swiss, and parmesan aioli on house-made white bread pressed until golden brown. It came with a side and I chose the corn and bean salad. 

slow hand

Food taste rating: 8. 

To drink, I got the iced chai latte. It needed a little stirring (the first sip had me grimacing), but I ended up really liking it. It was a little on the cinnamon-y side, but good overall. I'd recommend drinking it without any pastries, though. The sweetness competed and the result was too much. #diabetus 

Latte taste rating: 8. 

The glass case of pastries and baked goods called to us like a siren song, so we couldn’t resist going back up for dessert. 

L: I chose a pumpkin praline cake donut with cream cheese icing. I MEAN HAVE YOU EVER. It was as delicious as it sounds and looks. Worth every bite. (If it makes those who care about fitness feel better, I saved most of the aforementioned cornbread for my husband.)

Pumpkin Praline Cake Donut with Cream Cheese Icing rating: 11++ 

slow hand

E: I chose the pumpkin chocolate chip bread. I ended up waiting to eat it (see note above about chai latte competition), but it was still pretty delicious. I can only imagine how good it would be still warm from the oven. 

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread Rating: 9.



Their latte art game was clearly on. point.

Latte Art rating: 9

The service was good, not great. The barista didn't make conversation but he also didn't get annoyed when Laura asked about the wifi situation (pro tip: it's a random ATT network and you have to ask for the password, written on a slip of paper they give you). 

They presented everything in to-go containers, which was convenient unless you were eating there (most people weren't). The food wasn't the fastest, but it also wasn't extremely slow. You pick up your order at a window behind the counter. 

No complaints about the pastry presentation. 

No complaints about the pastry presentation. 

Ratings Round-Up

Disheveled facial hair - 6

Disheveled hair - 4

Maybe rock stars - 9

Plaid - 4

Sunglasses worn inside - 6

People wearing colors other than black - 3

Uncomfortableness Upon Walking In: 5. It's pretty casual, but you are Right. There. at the counter when you open the door. 



Have you been to Slow Hand yet? Did you wear your sunglasses inside? Tell us what you thought about the experience! 

Posted on November 23, 2015 .