The Perch, Green Hills


There are two locations for The Perch. One is on Franklin Road in Brentwood and one is located in Green Hills in a fancy strip mall, next to things like massage chains and yoga studios. We visited the Green Hills location for this review. At least half of us think of The Perch as more of a breakfast place than a coffee shop, but we were asked to review it and we like to give the people what they want/we enjoy a good crepe like the rest of the human race. 


The Green Hills location is somewhat small. There's a window bar, a couple of large tables, and several small tops. The decor has a shabby chic vibe, but is more that shabby chic where you buy it already shabby chic, and not just shabby. Like the one where the apothecary table was from Pottery Barn, not the actual days of yore. Birds are also a theme. Because of the name. The Perch, where birds sit. You get it.


Bird cages hang from the ceiling alongside strings of lights and coffee sacks. 

Look at these adorable table markers!


We went on a Saturday morning and were surrounded by yogis, a few middle-age breakfast-out-on-the-weekend sorts of people, and a few college girls wearing yoga pants (because they're comfortable). A couple of bros came in about halfway through our breakfast. It was unexpected. One had a white-boy afro with a hat perched (see what we did there?) backwards on top. We like to imagine the conversation between them went something like this:

Bro 1: Dude, good workout. Totally nailed those reps and other things you say after a workout. I'm hungry.

Bro 2: Me too, but I could use some coffee.

Bro 1: Brah, let's get some crepes. 

Bro 2: DUDE. Crepes would be amazing right now. 

We know what you're thinking. We're practically mind-readers. 

The Perch is very, well, Green Hills. Not a bad thing, just not your typical coffee shop crowd. And because of the layout of the space we didn't even really get to eavesdrop, which would've made this post a lot more interesting. So. Sorry we weren't able to be creepier.


E: I got the chai latte and the cinnamon, sugar, butter crepe. Delicious. 


Tea Taste Rating: 8

Crepe Taste Rating: 8

L: I got a vanilla latte to drink. It was definitely delicious, but no latte art to speak of:

Latte Art Rating: 0

Latte Taste Rating: 8

I also got the cinnamon-sugar-butter crepe (is there really a better one than its delicious simplicity?) So good.

Crepe Taste Rating: 9. I love cinnamon-sugar crepes, y'all.

We prefer the crepes at The Perch to the crepes at Red Bicycle, and according to our extensive knowledge of the French crepe industry (Elizabeth once ate a crepe in Paris), The Perch is more accurately French with its three-fold design. 


Neal -- we're calling him Neal because of his jersey (below) and not because it is his actual name, though it could be -- was very nice. Like, overly nice to the point that we noticed (but not in an annoying way). Super kind, patient, didn't even act annoyed when Laura forgot her little table marker thing and didn't realize it until 5 minutes later when he was literally bringing it to her. High five, Neal.


They have an open kitchen, which is kind of fun because you can see the chef (complete with chef's hat and pants covered in a hot pepper pattern) make your crepes on the specially-made crepe stone thing (technical term). However, it's not great if you, like Danny Castellano, think open kitchens are off-putting because what they do in the kitchen is their business.

Ratings Round-Up:

Level of Uncomfortableness Upon Walking In: 0. We know. They really should be more judgey.

Babies wearing animal hats: 2

Level of Pretentiousness: 1. We would give this a 0, but we suppose a creperie in Tennessee in and of itself is a bit pretentious. And Green Hills. 

Parking: 7. There is a lot for the entire strip, and we both found spots fairly easily. But we can see how it might become a problem at busy times.

Beanies: 2

Bros Wearing Hats: 2


Mostly, we'd say The Perch is pretty vanilla. But a nice vanilla. Perhaps BlueBell or something. So if you're looking for an authentic Nashville coffee shop experience, maybe not. But if you're looking for delicious crepes and good coffee, maybe yes.

Have you been to The Perch? Have you ever eaten a crepe in Paris? (Elizabeth has. Did we say that already?)

Posted on January 21, 2015 .