Top 10 Posts of 2014


It is December 31, so we're contractually obligated by the internet to post something either reflecting on the old year or looking forward to the new one. We've been posting our Coffee Shop Resolutions for 2015 on twitter (feel free to join in!), so we thought we'd devote this post to our Top 10 Posts of 2014. Just in case you missed one. 

10. An Open Letter to Returning Nashville College Students

The popularity of this post brought to you by the power of mutual dislike.

9. Eighth and Roast

We get asked about this coffee shop all the time, so it makes sense that it is one of our most popular posts (of 2014). Nashville loves you, Roast, Inc.

8. A Guide to Nashville Coffee Dates

This was a guest post by Katy. There is a lot of dating going on in Nashville (it seems). Why not have coffee? But where do you go? That's why we have a guide, y'all.

7. MugShots Contest: Entries for Your Consideration

Jamie won our first ever contest! We'll have another one of these soon. So stay tuned for that. 




6. Cafe Rosso

This post is our 'Wrecking Ball.' Not in the sense that we made a questionable music video, but that it brought with it a lot of controversy. Who knew people were so passionate about a small shop in Calgary, Alberta, Canada? Many of the mean comments featured in this video were spurred by this post. It's a little nostalgic for us, as it was a major turning point in our complicated relationship with Reddit (may it rest in peace).

5. Reasons Moms Need Coffee.

For Mother's Day, we asked a few moms why they needed coffee. Katherine, Jan, and Rachel answered hilariously, as we knew they would. Give your mom some coffee. She deserves it.

4. A Visitor's Guide to Nashville Coffee Shops

For that all-important moment when someone says, "What should I do while I'm in Nashville?"

3. If Nashville Coffee Shops Were Real People.

This guest post by Nicole went mini-viral and we were so happy for her. And us. And maybe we were just a little jealous that a guest post was so popular. This post also introduced us to the world of Reddit. Thank you. 

2. What's the Difference Between Oprah's Chai and Regular Chai?

It seems to be the question on everyone's mind. Elizabeth endured two chais in one sitting (and Googled "heart palpitations") to bring you the answer. Like a true journalist. Some may argue that this post is so popular due to the Oprah Effect. We like to think it's because we have our fingers to the pulse of society. Just like Oprah. 

1. Coffee Shop Name Generator

Funny story: This, our most popular post ever, was born at approximately 10:45pm on a Tuesday after one of us remembered at 10:30pm that we were supposed to have a post up the next day. LOLOL so basically the ideas we slave over the most are duds and the ones we pull out of nowhere are hits but WHATEVS. If we had known, the name generating system would be better. We hope you name your coffee shop well. And please don't complain to us about it on Reddit. We no longer look at those comments. 

Thank you for reading our little blog in 2014! We hope to continue judging coffee shop culture for you in 2015 and beyond (unless we run out of ideas). 

Posted on December 31, 2014 .