Redecorating (and Some Links for You)


(were you surprised?)

You may have noticed our site looks a little different (or maybe you didn't. You might not be detail oriented or you might be reading this in Feedly. We don't know your life.) 

That's because it IS different.

We decided to dive a little deeper into this whole Coffee Shoppers experiment and try to look like the semi-professional mostly-amateurs we are.

Feel free to browse around. It's not perfect because we are minimally tech savvy but we TRIED, okay? (Related: if you or anyone you know is a Squarespace expert, let us know. We're not too proud to ask for help.)

We've also got some links for you to enjoy this fine Wednesday:

The New Research on Coffee That Introverts Really Don't Want to Hear (Sorry, Everyone We Know.)

Female Italian Astronaut Adapts Espresso Machine for the International Space Station (Your move, people who bring pour-overs camp)

Literary Starbucks (Fact: English majors love coffee [and tea].)

Coffee Naps (This is a thing and there's actual science behind it.)

Let us know what you think of our shiny new home! And thank Tiffany Olsen for our profesh new logo.

Posted on December 3, 2014 and filed under Misc.