The Post East

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The Post East is a relatively new coffee shop in the upscale part of East Nashville. It's situated on the corner of Fatherland and 17th, directly across from Olive & Sinclair, Nashville's own provider of fancy coffee-shop chocolate. They sell juices, coffee, and smoothies, along with a plethora of baked goods. They use Wolfe Gourmet and (from what we can tell from their Facebook page) their own brand—Artemis Breads-- for all the delicious pastries, quiches, etc.

We would tell you more about this shop, but their website has been under construction for a very long time. Suffice it to say, this shop was recommended to us by several people, and we had driven by and thought it looked like a great shop. It's got a wall of windows on one side allowing you to see in from the street, which is like a cozy oasis on a day when it's rainy and cold and got dark at 3:45pm (Over. It.).



The Post is nothing super fancy, but it's got charm coming out the wazoo. It's simply a room that's somewhat large and somewhat square, but they've put most of their design efforts into the counter and made it a sort of centerpiece. It has this sculpture thing (technical term) made of different shades of stained wood of varying lengths sprawling out of the top and onto the ceiling. It's impressive, even if we're not sure what they're going for. It's art, you guys. Laura thinks they're going for either a ship theme or a covered wagon theme (post, post? maybe? no?). [But then there is the owl in their logo. The Owl Post? Maybe they're recreating the owlery? #HarryPotter] There are portholes along the kitchen and most things are made out of wood to fit the theme. Whatever it is.

We know, we know. Learn how to photography.

The walls are a pale blueish-gray decorated with some photographs of nature, and there is one huge section of the wall where it looks like either they've had dry wall issues or they're working on a mural about the layers of the earth's crust.

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The tables and chairs are plentiful and seem to be repurposed from a restaurant and/or hotel liquidator -- but not in a "burgundy and hunter green itchy upholstery" kind of way. There are a few tables outside as well, if you're into outdoor seating.

There's a cozy section in the back with some fancier chairs and a brownish-red leather couch that looks like something people would sit on and smoke during an episode of Mad Men* while coming up with a clever ad idea to convince women it's cool to drink while they're pregnant or something. There was also a tiny chandelier that we wanted to swing from.

We went on a weekday evening and there were several people inside working quietly. It seems like it would be a great place to sit and get work done.


E: I got a snickerdoodle approximately the size of my hand and the matcha tea latte. The snickerdoodle was good, not incredible, but worth my $2. I forgot to take a picture. The matcha tea latte was basically a green tea latte from Starbucks, minus whatever magic they put in those to make them sweet. Upon the recommendation of the barista, I chose soy milk in mine. It was like drinking a warm, earthy version of soy milk, which was not unpleasant. I'm terrible at this.

Tea Taste Rating: 7.

L: I branched out and got a seasonal gingerbread latte. I've been burned before (COUGHstarbucksCOUGH) but I trusted their expertise. I was right to do so. It tasted just like gingerbread, without the weird Starbucks-syrup aftertaste. Plus it was only 8oz so it wasn't too much of a super-sweet thing.

Latte taste rating: 9

I also got the cutest little sour cream almond cake that looked kind of like those petit fours Samantha (of American Girl fame) always had at her birthday parties. The Post is known for their sweets, and they all looked delicious, so I had to. It was totally worth it.

the post almond cake

Almond Cake Rating: 10


While the latte was delicious, it didn't have any discernible art to speak of.

The Post Latte

Latte art grade: 0

The barista was friendly enough. He was soft spoken, but nice. He explained the matcha to E without being condescending. We both got our lattes in to-go cups, so we're not sure if they have secret latte art skills. They put our baked goods on plain white plates.

The to-go cups were generic recycle-able cups with compostable sleeves encouraging us to recycle them. (Where? There weren't clear recycling bins in the shop. Are we supposed to throw them in our compost heap back at home? LOL Laura would never have a compost heap and E lives in an apartment next to possible drug dealers who moonlight as a zombie response team.)

Ratings Roundup

Parking: 7. There are a few spots out front, and fairly plentiful street parking.

Level of uncomfortableness upon walking in: 3. Generally, there is nothing to fear in this area. There's a dedicated walkway when you come in marked off by half-walls so you know you're not walking past people who are staring at you, the counter is obviously easy to spot, the menus are prominent and easy to read. The increase in this rating was mainly affected by Laura, seeing as there are a lot of windows and she was 1) taking photos outside before coming in 2) petting someone's dog that was tied to a post and 3) taking photos inside after coming in. No one really looked judgey, but it was really quiet and the barista was just waiting for her to order while she not-so-subtly took pictures of everything. If you're not an obnoxious coffee shop blogger you'll be fine. Even if you forget to get a picture of the dry wall mural and have to go back in just to take that picture.

Floppy Felt Hats: 1.

Newsboys Caps: 2.

Disheveled Facial Hair: 5 (You'd be hard pressed to find a male without it in East Nashville. Let's be honest.)

Level of Pretentiousness: 4. It's in East Nashville. Other than that, totally approachable.

Price: The gingerbread latte was $4.25 because it was a 'specialty latte,' which is pretty steep for only 8 ounces. Though it was delicious. But the treats were reasonably priced.

Have you been to The Post East? What do you think of the counter design? Do you have a compost heap at home?

*which neither of us have ever seen so this could be totally inaccurate.

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