Coffee Shoppers' Halloween Costume Guide

Halloween Costume Ideas It's time. Stock the candy bowl. Carve up the pumpkin. Break out the costumes.

Now, we know if you've waited until this point to get a costume, you're out of ideas. Don't worry. Like always, we're here to help.

You love coffee shops, obvi. So, why not dress up like your favorite coffee shop elements?

1. A Starbucks Latte. There are about a million different ways to do this one, from baby to sexy to just a piece of poster board wrapped around you (#DIY). Seriously, just google it. BONUS: use brown and white costume makeup or acrylic paint to paint latte art on your face. Hearts and leaves, guys. Hearts and leaves.

2. Fido. [This is strictly for Nashvillians, because other people won't get it. We're just letting you know ahead of time because having a costume that no one understands is the worst.] It's a dog costume, but you add a hat and an unnecessary scarf. Bonus points for dreadlocks.

4. That Guy. Just carry around your desktop computer and plug it into an outlet at the center of the party. Sigh loudly every so often to make sure people know you're "trying to work."

5. Green Tea. Wear all green, cut out a paper "T" and stick it on your chest. Done and done.

6. Civil War Reenactor. Go to your local Barista Parlor. Ask to borrow the barista's clothes. And facial hair.

7. Spice Girls [with Pumpkin Spice] We stole this picture from the internet:


8. Freelance Writer. Wear a white shirt, black pants, and a green apron. Print the Starbucks logo and attach to your apron. Practice saying, "Whipped cream on that?"

9. French Press. Wear all black -- turtleneck recommended, but not required -- and a black beret. Create a large badge that says "PRESS" and wear it on a lanyard. It's a pun, guys. Get it? GET IT?

10. Angsty Hipster and/or Barista. Wear your grandpa's clothes. Look incredible. [yeah, yeah, dated pop culture reference.] Be sure to avoid eye contact and drop your life philosophy slash upcoming album into conversations periodically throughout the night.

11. Outlet Hog. Dress up like a pig and carry around plastic outlet covers and a macbook charger. We're really into puns.

12. The Nun Bun Also a locally focused costume, this Bongo Java legend could be replicated with a cinnamon bun costume (to DIY, create a sandwich-board-style-costume using cardboard circles, then paint swirls on the circles) and a habit. For reference, click here.

Which one is your favorite? Do you have any coffee, tea or coffee-shop related costume ideas? 

(If you do use one of these ideas, please tweet at us and let us know! )

Posted on October 29, 2014 and filed under coffee, Misc, tea, tips.