Top Five Nashville Coffee Shop Conversations


We spend a lot of time in coffee shops. Specifically, Nashville coffee shops. This is probably obvious, but sometimes it's difficult to write these intros, so let's just keep going while we have momentum, okay? In these coffee shops—in Nashville, you recall—we eavesdrop innocently overhear many conversations. While they of course run the gamut, we have noticed that a few types of conversations pop up more frequently than others. All of the below are inspired by actual statements overheard in our year+ of professional coffee shopping.

1. The Music Business Chat. He just got back from tour. She's directing Lady A's music video next week. He is majoring in song writing. She just nailed her audition. There's a reason High Garden Tea sells a tea called "Sing," "a specialty line for singers," to many of our local shops. We've overheard what we determined as industry meetings on almost all of our coffee shopping excursions.

2. The Lively Theology and/or Philosophy discussion. "But if you [expletive] think about it, it's like, how do you know, y'know?"


"Can I borrow your notes for Christian Doctrine?" "Sure. What did you think about that debate on predestination the other day?" "I dunno, I can't really get on board with the whole neo-Calvinism thing. I gotta go though -- I got music theory at 3:30."

3. The Science Forum. We have a couple of medical schools in the area. Combine that with your typical college biology majors and a plethora of hospitals and you get study groups at Bongo and physics symposiums in the middle of Fido. There are a lot of books involved.

4. The Wanderer. A guy in dreads with disheveled facial hair, sometimes wearing a soccer jersey or t-shirt from a frat he wasn't in, using phrases like "road trip" and "west coast" as he talks to the barista he's either made friends with over multiple visits or, y'know, just happened to be standing there.

5. The All-of-the-Above

"I've just been praying for a lot of wisdom or some kind of revelation...provision for him not to be on the road all the time." This quintessential Nashville conversation was verbatim lifted from an actual overheard conversation. And it wasn't at The Well. It's got prayer, it's got talking-about-prayer-in-public, it's got touring musician. Done and done.

What do you overhear most often at coffee shops? We want to know!

Posted on October 1, 2014 and filed under coffee, Misc, Nashville.