The Coffee Fox [Savannah, GA]

coffee fox featured photo

Thanks to Coffee Shoppers reader and friend of the blog @jenclapp for the recommendation! coffee fox featured photoThe Coffee Fox is located in downtown Savannah, GA, just a couple of blocks away from the riverfront. It sits on the corner of Broughton and Whittaker, which means you can see inside to its charming atmosphere from either side.


One of the first things I noticed about the shop was that it has one of the best logos ever. A fox wearing a tuxedo? Shut. Up. Plus it gives them the opportunity to use foxes in their decor, which is delightful. #putafoxonit I most definitely bought a mug solely for this reason.

coffee fox exterior

The outside of the shop has an overhang with a retro-looking version of the shop name, with a few outdoor chairs and a sandwich board detailing signature drinks. And not coffee drinks — alcoholic drinks. This place is fancy, y’all. That’s not sarcasm. They serve cheese boards:

I know, I know. Learn how to photography.

Atmosphere I loved the feel of the shop. There’s a wall to the left mostly covered in posters, stickers, random playing cards with dancing bears on them — anything. The exposed brick on the same wall ups the style factor even more. They even utilized a wooden lattice to create the illusion of a lower ceiling, which made it feel a lot cozier than the high, black, duct-ridden ceiling the building actually had. These people have solid interior design skills.

coffee fox poster wall

coffee fox dancing bear

Underneath the poster-wall are some wooden tables with booth seating on one side and red metal vintage chairs on the other. On the opposite side of the ordering counter there is seating at a bright red bar.

coffee fox bar

It was quiet, but it was also a random weeknight. Most people were working on things individually. Including one knitter (pictured in the photo of the poster-wall above). What? Not weird. Everyone brings their knitting projects to coffee shops.

Oh, and you know how we joked that one time that Barista Parlor probably grows the beans right in front of you or something? Well, this place does. They had a tiny plant in a pot on the counter labeled "coffee." (I would show you a grainy picture I took from across the room but it would not be worth it.) So. I bet the beans I drank came off the vine that morning. Farm to table, am I right?*

Taste I wasn’t completely thinking about consistency for coffee shopping’s sake, (oops) so I got a Foxy Blend coffee.

coffee fox perc coffee

I didn’t come away thinking it was the best cup of coffee I’ve ever tasted or anything, but I did enjoy it, and they use locally roasted beans from a company called Perc, which I think is cool. Their coffee is 100% coffee, according to their bags, so you know it’s gotta be good.

Coffee Taste Rating: 7

coffee fox coffee

I also ordered a “Foxy Brownie with Perc Espresso.” You guys. It was so fudgey and delicious. Plus, it had a kick to it. I know it was supposed to be espresso, but it almost tasted like Mexican hot chocolate. Either way, it was amazing and you should get one if you ever go there.

Brownie Taste Rating: 10

coffee fox brownie

*Reddit, I know they're not actually growing the beans used in that shop.

Presentation/Service I didn’t get a latte, but some of my family members did:

coffee fox latte art

Latte Art Rating: 7

The service here was okay. They weren’t rude by any means, but I did feel like they had better things to do than answer my questions about if they roast their own beans. They did have some regulars come in, though, whom they obviously knew and were therefore pretty friendly to. So, y’know. Only a few more visits and I’m in.

Ratings Round-Up

Level of uncomfortableness upon walking in: 7. Like I said, the baristas were no Eddie. And it was fairly quiet in there. And it wasn’t my town. And I hate looking at new menus and standing there trying to decide if I want to branch out or not while baristas wait in silence. Part of this is on me, I realize, for wanting to be cool in front of out-of-town baristas and not wanting to look like a tourist, but it’s my review and I do what I want.

Disheveled facial hair count: 2

Mounted golden antelope heads: 1

Parking: 5. We walked over after valeting at a restaurant on the riverfront, but it’s downtown, so I assume you would have to find street parking or a garage.

Dancing bears: 1

Level of pretentiousness: 7. They serve cheeseboards and chemex pourovers and had just the right amount of “you’re not from around here, are you?” going on.

Fedora/any hat count: 0. So disappointing. Especially after all the research we’ve done on different types of hats.

Overall I really liked this shop. The atmosphere was cool, the coffee was good, and it had just the right amount of pretentiousness to make me feel like I was back at home in Nashville. Definitely recommend it next time you are in the area.

Have you been to any cool shops lately? Do they have woodland animals for logos? What did you think of The Coffee Fox?

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