Flour. Sugar. Eggs.

flour sugar eggs

flour sugar eggsAs we've said before, the use of punctuation in a shop name instantly woos us. The use of three punctuation marks? Stop it. So naturally, we had high expectations for Flour. Sugar. Eggs.

Located in the heart of Nashville's own Mayberry, also known as Germantown, (directly across the street from the Red Bicycle, in fact) Flour. Sugar. Eggs. (FSE for future reference) is primarily a bakery and cafe, but serves up quality espresso beverages and tea as well. Neither of us had been there before, as we frequently forget Germantown exists, so we were looking forward to checking it out. Plus they serve lunch, so it gives us an excuse to eat while we judge.

[Sidenote: We saw flyers everywhere advertising some happening in the "Capitol District." Is Germantown the Capitol District? Are we in the Hunger Games? What does that make East Nashville? Where is President Snow? WE HAVE QUESTIONS.]


flour sugar eggs

Pretend the font isn't Papyrus. 

germantown 2


(Come on. How adorable is this neighborhood?)

The shop has a charming little awning and outdoor seating on the brick sidewalk , complete with fishbowl seating, sans-fishbowl. It's like you're Nemo in the dentist office, you guys. They had twinkle lights up and on during the day in the middle of May, which is just the cutest.

FSE outdoor seating

It's a small shop, with two four-person tables inside in addition to the outdoor seating. It's got a minimalist, metallic look, with red metal chairs and black tables and the fact that you can see into the bakery behind the counter. It does have a European feel -- partly due to the art and partly due to its bakery style. We felt the same way about Red Bicycle. Something about Germantown, we guess, considering the name.

There were lots of people coming in and out while we were there. We got the feeling that there were a lot of regulars and a lot of people take their lunch to go. It made you feel like you were in a small town, which is what we love about Germantown.


They have a two very simple menus--one for drinks and one for lunch. They also had a pastry rack and everything looked delicious. The founder of FSE actually supplies pastries to several other coffee shops in town, so you know this is the place to go for a croissant, a cookie, or a cinnamon roll. They all looked amazing.

The drinks menu has the usuals, plus a London Fog, Mexican Hot Chocolate, and a few specialty coffees. The food menu features sandwiches, salads, and soups. No need to get fancy.

Flour Sugar Eggs Menu

E: I got the iced chai latte. It was very good. Creamy, with just the right amount of cinnamon. It was almost a little perfume-ish, but in a good way. [If anyone knows of any tea-sommelier classes in the area, please let me know.]

Tea Taste Rating: 8

I got the turkey sandwich, which had turkey, colby jack cheese (that's what the menu says, but I think mine had cheddar), tomato (that was homegrowny delicious), fresh spinach, and siracha mayonnaise. I got mine on panini bread, but they also serve it on a croissant.

Sandwich Taste Rating: 9

Here's a picture:

flour sugar eggs


L: I got an iced Germantown Honey Brown (sassy, no?) which is a latte with honey, vanilla and brown sugar. It was good, but nothing out of the ordinary. I wasn't really sure of the difference between that and a regular vanilla latte, but still yummy. Latte Taste Rating: 7

I also got a caprese panini and Greek salad. The Greek salad was very good -- fresh and made to order (I watched her make it). I give it a solid 9. The panini was (as you might expect) mozzarella, tomato, fresh basil and a balsamic reduction. It was good too, but not life changing or anything. The bread though -- mmm. Respectable 7.

Don't worry, I did pose my sandwich.


The baristas were super friendly, chatting with the regulars. They let us take our time staring at the menu and brought our food to our table. The girl at the register even complimented Laura's cat shirt, which goes a long way in her book.

The presentation was nothing unusual. Simple, which is the vibe we get from FSE as a whole. They do have branded sleeves for their hot drinks, but the iced drinks were just in clear cups (as is the case with most shops). One fun fact: Elizabeth left her cup in her car when she went back to work and, though it wasn't sweltering today, the top melted. This led her to the conclusion that it must be some sort of made-from-less-plastic-to-save-the-environment kind of thing. We are not opposed to that at all. Just a warning not to let it get too hot.

We should also mention they got a 100 on their health rating. Always a good thing. If we had star stickers, we would've given them one. (Note to self: buy star stickers)

Ratings Round-Up

This was really the only area in which FSE was disappointing. There weren't many hipsters, so our counts are down dramatically.

Level of uncomfortableness upon walking in: 3. The only reason for this is because it is so small. Everyone was very nice and not at all judgy, but it was weird to be one of three patrons in the whole shop (and all but one person was facing the door when E walked in, and the girl behind the register politely stared for several minutes while L perused the menu and she doesn't do well under pressure).

Bloggers we admire and would like to be BFFs with: 1. (Ahem.)

Level of pretentiousness: 0. It's more of a bakery than a coffee shop per se, so it's the kind of place where you wouldn't be afraid to ask questions or take something off a sandwich for fear of compromising its artistic integrity. And chances are you won't overhear any conversations about like, existentialism or Arcade Fire. But who knows. It's Nashville.

Rich-Lady-at-the-Beach Hats: 1.

Warby Parkers: 2. (one pair worn by a certain Coffee Shopper who previously called out the other Coffee Shopper on wearing a slouchy knit beanie and is now receiving payback)

Price: average. L's coffee was $3.50 for a 12 oz and the sandwich/salad combo was $10.

Parking: 7. It's street parking and it's free. The street wasn't too crowded when we were there, but we could see how at certain times of day it might get a little crazy. (L now takes weekly Spanish lessons in the evenings at the Red Bike and always finds a spot pretty easily, for what it's worth.)

We definitely recommend Flour. Sugar. Eggs. It's such a cute little shop and they do things simply well. We've already made plans to go back, so you know how we feel about it. Those croissants are calling our name.

Have you ever been to Flour. Sugar. Eggs? What would the tributes for Germantown/Capitol District wear for the opening ceremonies?

(SIDEBAR: L lives off of Nolensville...we're pretty sure that's district 12, right? How do we get her in the Capitol before the games begin?)

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