A Guide to Nashville Coffee Dates

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Today's guest post comes from Katy Boatman. Katy is a fellow Nashvillian and writes about the humor and the lessons found in being single over at Single, Party of One. Follow Katy and SPoO on Twitter.  If you would like to write a guest post about an out-of-town coffee shop or coffee shop culture, please contact us

Nashville, Coffee Shops, Date Ideas Nashville has no shortage of coffee shops--something my friends here at Coffee Shoppers know more than enough about. Whether you’re looking to grab a cup on your way to work, meet a friend to catch up, or find a great place to get some work done, this city has got you covered.

In a city that’s full of young, independent, creative singles, coffee shops are also a popular destination for a first date. “Let’s grab coffee” is the perfect way for a first date to launch it’s way into simple conversation and a low-key activity (and it’s cheap). It’s also a great follow-up if part one of the date is going so well YOU JUST DON’T WANT IT TO END.

So, where’s the best Nashville coffee shop to go on a first date? I’m glad you asked.


Frothy Monkey

If you’re looking for some light, friendly conversation with a Monkey Mocha on the side, this is your ideal spot. Bonus points because they have a place to sit outside. This is key for those awkward first date silences when you can nonchalantly point out the cute dog walking down 12th South because you’ve run out of things to say. Plan on running into your neighbor, coworker, or friend from church because that will happen. You can even turn your date into lunch if you have the time.

This spot says: “I’m excited to meet you, but have a busy day. How about an hour for coffee? Also, I’d like everyone to know I’m on a date.”

Personal Experience: I was brand new to Nashville, knew nothing about coffee and ended up ordering a single espresso which forced me to pretend like I ordered that on purpose and totally loved it. I can tell you where that date ended: Friend. Zone.

Barista Parlor

If you want to make sure your date knows you’re serious about coffee and serious about embracing the hipster culture, look no further. The room will provide plenty of seating options for you and the new interest and the best “I-think-I’m-outside-but-really-I’m-in-because-the-walls-are-garage-doors” atmosphere when the weather is nice. Don’t be scared to get some food on this date, because it’s worth it. And you can go ahead and bypass the whole, “I’ll just eat some fruit” thing and go for the sausage biscuit. Hey, it’s East Nashville. You can at least count on the fact that what you’re eating came straight from the farm (or something). Plus, use that as a conversation starter. Boom. You’re welcome. Oh, and ladies, don’t be distracted by the men with suspenders and mustaches. They frequent there.

This place says to your date: “I want to make sure you know I’m cool.”

Personal Experience: I’ve been on plenty of friend dates here, but no actual dates. Don’t cry for me yet, Argentina.


Crema is your key spot when you’re needing a coffee shop that’s not over-crowded and will offer some quality coffee plus a chance to get some coffee education. Say you want do something a little more than sip a latte and chat during your date. Crema offers coffee classes that will teach everything from brewing a great cup of coffee, steaming milk, and espresso theory. I’m pretty sure you and your date will have plenty of things to talk about. Just want to ease into some light conversation on this date? Grab a seat next to the window or out on the porch and enjoy the downtown views while you learn about his or her affection for reality T.V.

This date spot says: “Hope you enjoy this date. We’ll see how it goes and be in touch.”

Personal Experience: Made the plunge to meet someone here I’d been getting to know from an online dating site. He did a card trick at the table. How did it end up? Your guess.

The Well

Maybe you’ve been around this person enough to know you really just want to spend this first date getting some true quality time to talk. The Well is your spot. Quiet and quaint, it’ll offer you the QT you need to “really get to know their heart.” Plus, I dare you to leave a note on the Prayer Board up front that says, “Please pray for my budding relationship with {insert date’s name}.”

This place says: “I really want to spend some quality time getting to know you. And guard your heart.”

Personal Experience: While the conversation was good, it did seem like it would never end. You win some, you lose some.

J&J’s Market and Cafe

If you’re trying to keep this first date on the down low because your friends and family make way too big of a deal of it, J&J’s Market is your spot. This hidden gem will allow you to keep a low profile while you get to know him or her over a vanilla latte. The Coffee Shopper ladies call this place, “the Narnia of coffee shops” so how much more discrete can you get? Also, I hope you run into Mr. Tumnus. And what if you run into someone you know? No big deal. Just scoot right into the market section of J&J’s and act all “I’m just picking up some snacks”. The other beauty of J&J’s? Location, location, location. Let’s say coffee is just going splendidly (who says that anyways?) and you’ve decided it’s ok to be seen in public with this person. Walk on down to Two Boots and grab pizza on the porch!

JJ’s says, “Let’s do this, but I really don’t want anyone to know about this date.”

Personal Experience: I don’t go on dates here, because I want everyone to know when I’m on a date. Obvi. (Bless.)

What do you think, Nashville? What’s your favorite coffee shop date spot? Do you have any great coffee shop date stories? Do tell.

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