MugShots Contest - Entries for Your Consideration


mugshotsLast week we asked you guys to show us your mug shots. Not like, Justin Bieber mug shots. Although those are entertaining as well. We asked you to take a photo of your coffee or tea and post it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #CoffeeShoppersMugShot, which would enter you to win a PRIZE. And you guys did not disappoint. Seriously, thank you for coming through. This would have been awkward if no one participated (and we would've had to invent Instagram pseudonyms).

Though we are also going to judge our favorites based on very quantifiable criteria like "creativity" and "pretty colors" and "we just like it," we also wanted to take into consideration which one YOU think should win.

What will they win? Well, our lucky grand prize winner will win an all-expenses paid trip to a collection of local coffee and tea items from our lovely city of Nashville, which will include: a delightful mug from Frothy Monkey (MAYBE to use in a future mug shot competition?),  a bag of locally roasted coffee from the Bongo Java Roasting Company and some locally produced tea from High Garden Tea in East Nashville.

So without further ado, here are the entries for your consideration (in no particular order):

Jan Moyer Mug Shot1) @moyermama

Marsha Mug Shot2) @MiscMarsha

Ron Mug Shot

3) @ronhyndman

Jamie Golden Mug Shot

4) @jamiesrabbits

Contrary Woman Mug Shot

5) @contrarywoman

Brother Hern Mug Shot

6) @brotherhern

Terry Mug Shot

7) @tbfagan

lydia mug shot

8) @lemcmillan

Dialog mug shot 9) @dialogcafe1

HoosierGirl Mug Shot

10) @hoosiergirl94

Tenacious Jenn Mug Shot

11) @tenaciousjenn

TheMerLove Mug Shot

12) @themerlove (Editor's note: she made that, y'all.)

Which one is your favorite? Let us know which number(s) you like best in the comments (or on twitter or voting by saying, "I like #1" to one of us in real life doesn't count, though) and help one of these lucky people win a prize! We'll announce the winner on our Twitter and Facebook pages this Friday, March 21!

Posted on March 19, 2014 and filed under coffee, contest, tea.