MugShots Contest (Complete with PRIZE)


mugshots Here are some things we love: coffee, tea, Instagram, Twitter, and YOU! We are going to combine all those things plus something else fun--a PRIZE (oooo, ahhhh)--into a contest! Get excited.

Here's the plan. You take a picture of your mug (or your paper or plastic cup), apply filters to your heart's desire (square ready as needed) and then post the pic on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #CoffeeShoppersMugShot.

We will then narrow it down based on completely objective things like what makes us laugh, inspires a poem, or looks delicious in that moment, and then post the top ones here next week (March 19). THEN, you guys get to vote on your favorites and we'll take those into consideration like Dancing with the Stars (Is that what they do on that show?), but ultimately pick our favorites. If we disagree, we'll put the names into a mug and draw one. This is a very official process.


The contest ends at 12PM on Tuesday, March 18. Post your pics before then! If you already have a MugShot in your insta feed that looks like Annie Leibovitz and Ansel Adams were having coffee with you, just tweet it again using the hashtag. As long as you tweet it before noon on Tuesday, March 18, you are officially entered in the contest.


PRIZE There will be a prize. It will be the best prize ever…or, you know, at least better than nothing. (Any prize is better than no prize, right? Don't answer that.) Plus you get the added EXCLUSIVE bonus of bragging rights for the next year (or until we do this again). We know how good "Coffee Shoppers Mug Shot Winner" looks on a résumé.

LEGAL(?) STUFF If you tweet or instagram using the hashtag #CoffeeShoppersMugShots, we will possibly use your Twitter/Instagram name on, as well as our twitter feed and Facebook. We will also possibly use your photo. We won't alter it or claim it as our own. Pinky swear.

WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT We will announce the winner on our Twitter and Facebook page Friday, March 21. So be sure to follow us and like us so we feel good about ourselves you'll know if you've won!

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Feel free to leave a comment with any questions, concerns or any smack talk you see fit. (You didn't come here to make friends, you came here to be number one.)

P.S. HOW good is that picture Elizabeth made all by herself? - L

Posted on March 12, 2014 and filed under coffee, contest, Misc, tea.