Rumor Has It: Members-Only Coffee Shop Noteable Blends

noteable blends

coffee, coffee shops, Nashville, tea, Noteable Blends  Y'all. We have breaking news. We've caught wind of an exclusive coffee shop in Nashville. Yes, they exist (apparently). And since we have yet to receive our invitation for membership (AHEM), this post is mostly driven by rumors, er, "sources close to the shop owner."

The shop is called Noteable Blends (and that is not a spelling error). They are located in Houston Station, and the best way to get to them is--no joke--turning on a dirt road between the railroad tracks and the telephone pole. Watch out for potholes. The shop is cozy, with guitars lining the walls and (we've heard) pews to sit on. There is also a couch or two and possibly some tables, along with a stage. Word is they have live music and other performances, along with the usual coffee shop stuff.

They take their coffee very seriously. Like, philosophy seriously. The owner can talk about coffee for hours. They also have tea (hot beverage equality is something we here at Coffee Shoppers are very passionate about). They will even blend up custom teas and coffees for you or for special occasions. Our sources tell us that they sell a bag of coffee that costs $1000. We imagine it's like the kind of coffee that would get sent to the VIP suite where NBA players and Jay-Z sit...if those were a thing in coffee shops. Maybe it is at Noteable Blends. You don't know. Nobody knows. Except the members, I guess. But we don't know any of those.

Another kind of coffee they serve is called "Holy Spirit Coffee." We'll present that fact without comment. (You know how rare that is for us.)

There's a big, gold, antique coffee brewing thing (one of our sources has clarified that it's an "espresso machine" [It should be noted Elizabeth wrote this sentence. She doesn't know your fancy coffee terminology like 'espresso' and 'machine.']) in the shop that acts as the main centerpiece of the bar. It's very glamorous. The rest of the bar is a little cluttered, but in the way that you're sure the baristas know exactly where everything is. We're sure the $1000 coffee is just sitting there, but no one knows which one it is (except those who need to know...and Jay Z), so it's perfectly safe.

Throughout the store there are bookshelves with thick books on classy things like "The Renaissance" and art on the walls and the shelves that appears to come from exotic places from around the world. You get the feeling that the owner has been to all the coffee-growing countries at some point, collecting beans, tapestries, and small knickknacks.

So, how does one get to go to this coffee shop? Good question, reader. Good question. We're not really sure what would happen if you just showed up. [Report back if you do.] But we get the feeling that in order to become a member, there is an interview process. It's not like signing up for the Y. You have to be ready to commit to the coffee shop, its community, and its mission. What does this mean? Again, we don't know. We haven't been invited. We don't have a lot of information for you, okay? We think it means that you take your coffee and tea seriously. Like, it's your first love. You want to share it with others and talk about it for hours and drink it all day. Which, honestly, we may be there.

If you are interested in becoming a member, or just want some entertainment, we highly recommend the Noteable Blends website.

Are you a member of Noteable Blends? Know someone who is? Is there a secret handshake? A VIP room? Other secrets you'd like to divulge? If you're not a member, what rumors have you heard?

If there are other coffee-related rumors we need to know about (y'know, as experts in the field), please let us know so we can spread it like wildfire. Or at least a contained campfire.

Posted on February 26, 2014 and filed under coffee, Misc, Nashville, tea.