If Nashville Coffee Shops Were Real People, Part II

If Nashville Coffee Shops Were Real People, Nashville, Coffee Shops, Coffee, Tea

We had such a positive response to Nicole's guest post - If Nashville Coffee Shops Were Real People - we decided to do a follow-up post to address the outcry concerning Cafe Coco's absence on the list, as well as personify a few others in town. Enjoy! (And HUGE thanks to Nicole for her great idea.)

Cafe Coco Cafe Coco may be the most interesting man in the world. He grew up in Belle Meade and has a doctorate in Philosophy from Vanderbilt that he got after changing majors from the pre-law degree his parents wanted him to get. He doesn't talk about his alma mater unless pressed, though. Most of his friends still call him "Doc," but only a handful really know why. He's been known to argue the existence of shoes so well that he gets away with not wearing them in most public places. His hobbies are pottery making, hookah, beat poetry, reading, and coffee. He's a self-professed nocturnal, loves the outdoors and can hold a conversation with almost anyone. You love him, your friends love him, and your grandmother loves him. And if you can look past his bloodshot eyes from lack of sleep and generally disheveled appearance, you'll find someone who's always there for you, any time of day or night.

Portland Brew (12th South) Portland Brew is a freelance writer without a home office. She hails from the Northwest but came to Nashville to try a new adventure. She prefers her coffee with almond milk, and she's one of those extroverted introverts. She likes being around people, but doesn't like to waste time with small talk. PB likes to step off the beaten path a bit--to get some alone time in a quiet library or unfrequented corner of a park, and while her name isn't necessarily as famous around town as the banana-loving girl down the street, she has a close-knit group of friends who truly "get" her.

8th and Roast 8th and Roast is a professional, but he's also of the generation that takes their coffee more seriously than Folger's. For him, the best part of waking up is adding the right amount of product to his hair, sliding on his Warby Parkers, and heading out the door to a coffee shop that will make his coffee the right way before he goes in to the office. (Pourover only. French press in a bind. Drip coffee is for coal miners.) The coffee shop knows his order and his kids' names. They're not as sure about his actual job. He's been known to sport flannel underneath a blazer, make furniture for his wife in his spare time, and play bass in a cover band none of his coworkers know about.

Red Bicycle Coffee and Crêpes Red Bicycle moved to Nashville from London for college, but spent a couple of months in France for an art class once. She's cultured, but not pretentious about it. She'll gladly help you perfect your British accent for your community theater play and only laugh once, and she's always recommending great books to read. She's not above Hunger Games, but she loves her Dickens and Wordsworth. She wears a lot of stripes. Her husband is adorable, as are her children--Milo, with his tousled blonde hair, and Lu, with her dark curls. Red Bicycle is the kind of girl who looks intimidating at first due to her trendy outfits and self-confidence, but she'll make you feel welcome right away.

Sam & Zoe's Sam & Zoe's is a pair of twins you grew up next door to. (Zoe's older--by 2 minutes and 16 seconds.) When you were younger, you went over to their house to play on the swing set in their backyard, and their mom always made you oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Now, even though Zoe may have gotten a nose ring and Sam took up composting, they're still familiar faces who makes you feel at home. They also make a killer sandwich and know a great burrito place nearby.

J&J's Market and Cafe (contributed by reader Stephen Palmer) JJ is a 30 year old man, with the educated look of a college professor, but the personality of a hip college kid. He finds time to enjoy the little things in life, like sitting outside, reading a magazine, sipping on a good cup while nibbling on a chocolate bar, and finishing off with a cigar. JJ listens to classical music and ambient post rock. A man of many talents.

Did we miss any? Are we totally off on any of our descriptions? Let us know how you would describe your favorite shop!