Dollop Coffee Co. - Chicago, IL


IMG_5683Dollop Coffee Co. has four locations, but the one I (Laura) visited is located in downtown Chicago--"Streeterville," according to their website, because I am not cool enough to know Chicago neighborhood names--on Ohio St. Their site also says they serve Metropolis Coffee, which is apparently a big deal according to Yelp, along with Rishi Tea, Hoosier Mama Pies, baked goods from Southport Grocery, and “tasty treats from Fritz Pastry,” if any of that means anything to you. (Mostly I just think of Scandal because FRITZ.) It goes on to say they make their own sandwiches (NO WAY), so they’ve got that going for them, too. Atmosphere

Because of its location amid the skyscrapers, Dollop seems like a place that attracts businessmen on the way to work as well as students and those who just need a place to park it for the morning. When I visited, it was a Tuesday morning, so it was mostly filled with individuals.

The shop has an industrial warehouse feel, with exposed pipes and ducts on the ceiling, concrete floors and metallic features. They warm it up with wooden tables and a cozy nook with a couch and armchairs. It also has bar-style (fishbowl) seating and a patio with outdoor seating. Overall it feels very clean and minimalist.

Dollop Inside

Dollop Outside


I particularly loved the letters over the counter:


And the book art above the couch:



I got my usual vanilla latte, and I remember it being good, but not great.

Latte Taste Rating: 7

They also serve pastries and breakfast food, and we got a croissant and a cinnamon chunk scone, both of which were very delicious.

Cinnamon Chunk Scone Rating: 9


We both got our lattes in to-go cups, which I realize doesn't allow for stellar latte art (or maybe they just slack because there is a lid), but it was pretty wah-wahh (that's a technical term).

Latte Art Grade: 2

Dollop Latte Art

The baristas were middle-of-the-road when it comes to friendliness. Not rude by any means, but also not going out of their way to be friendly. Granted, I'm used to Tennessee, so in Chicago their demeanor might've been considered basically hugging me with their words. I can't be sure.

Ratings Round-Up

Fedora count: 0. I don't think fedoras are a thing in Chicago. Maybe they're not even a thing in Nashville anymore. Maybe we are woefully out of touch. Help us, cooler people. (Though it should be noted most people that came in on a Tuesday morning were probably heading to work, and most workplaces probably have an unwritten strict no-fedora policy.)

Level of uncomfortableness walking in: 2. The shop was pretty cozy and welcoming, nothing out of the ordinary to make you hesitant. But I still gave it a 2 because this was Chicago and what if everything is different in Chicago and what if they know we are not from here and just BE COOL and try to act not like a tourist who is taking photos for her coffee shop blog.

Parking: 0. I assume there is none, because it’s downtown Chicago and we had to pay $50 just to park at our hotel across the street.

Level of pretentiousness: I’d give it a 5. Nothing about the shop itself seemed overtly pretentious, but I got the feeling from their site they are big on the whole going-local thing and were pretty proud of making their own sandwiches.

Price: 5. Average coffee shop pricing

Entertainment level: 3. It was early on a Tuesday morning, so most people weren’t doing anything interesting. But there was a girl reading Wuthering Heights, so that gave me a few minutes of pondering while I tried to determine the circumstances under which she was being forced to read that book.

Though Dollop didn’t blow me away in terms of its uniqueness or friendliness, I loved the aesthetic and the coffee was definitely good enough that—should I ever find myself a working gal in Chicago—I would definitely drop by for morning coffee or an afternoon pick-me-up.

Have you ever gotten coffee in Chicago? What's your favorite? Did you have to pay $50 to park?

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