Guest Post: Case Study Coffee--Portland, OR

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Ariana Wehr is a self-proclaimed coffee addict. She also travels a lot because she's an opera singer. Cool, right? It also makes her a perfect person to guest post here at Coffee Shoppers! Today, she brings us a review from Portland, OR.  Case Study Coffee Storefront

Case Study Coffee is located at 802 SW 10th St. Portland, Oregon.
Location: It is next to one of the best local shops, Crafty Wonderland (yes, it is amazing as it sounds), and across from the Portland Public Library which I believe has the smallest square footage of a public library but is the most frequently used. It is also directly across from a Max Light Train Stop.
It has windows all the way around so it makes for excellent people watching. It is Portland after all.

Atmosphere: Well-lit and unassuming music. Lots of sturdy tables. High ceilings and nice wood floor. Wi-fi is password protected and the bathroom requires a code. The baristas were awesome and use cool iPads with card readers to take orders. Very nice and I didn't feel rushed to make a decision at all. Their small talk between each other was also all coffee related. I could sit here for hours and work and people watch and drink delicious coffee.

They also have many teas to choose from and a well stocked pastry case. I am told that during busy hours (I was there around 11 am on a Monday) tables are scarce (like any place for that matter).Case Study Coffee

Coffee: I know all the buzz is around Stumptown Coffee and yes, their beans are really good but I had someone tell me that if you want excellent coffee that is better than Stumptown, go to Case Study. It was a lot to live up to, but Case Study was awesome.
I got a soy latte to go and my mother got a Fleur de Sel (salted caramel latte). The flavor was incredible and it had the right allotment of foam. I tried my mothers Fleur de Sel latte and it was fantastic. Delicious nutty, caramel flavor and it also didn't have a weird aftertaste like some flavored coffee drinks you can buy.
Foam Art: 9. They even put art on my to-go latte which made me feel extra special :)
Case Study Latte Art Case Study Latte Art 2
Pretentious Level: It is Portlandia. There was an abundance of really nice, good looking hipsters.
Have you ever been to Case Study in Portland? Or Portland in general? We hear the coffee is good there. (Related: We are now accepting sponsorships for Coffee Shoppers On Location. Hint, hint.)
Posted on November 20, 2013 and filed under coffee, out of town, Shop Review.