Guest Shopping: The Red Lark

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Welcome to another edition of Guest Shopping.  Today's post comes from Molly Wantland, a talented family and lifestyle photographer from Columbia, TN. You may notice the pictures in this post are of slightly much higher quality than our usual iPhone pics. Check out her website to book her for your all your photo needs. 

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Hey everyone! I’m very excited to be guest blogging on Coffee Shoppers today, telling you all about one of  my favorite places to grab a cup of joe…or rather,  a cup of tea. And maybe a muffin, too.

The Red Lark is located in Spring Hill, TN on Highway 31. It’s a little hidden off the main road, but they have a red and white sign, with - you guessed it - a red lark, pointing you in the right direction. Last year, I was making many a trip down 31 to Columbia each week, and I would always notice the cute coffee shop, calling my name. I finally made it in there after a few months of salivating as I wistfully passed by and fell. in. love.

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The shop is owned by Mark and Suzanne Townsend, an  incredibly kind and welcoming couple. They always want to talk about what’s going on in the day of their customers, as well as share new items those customers may be interested in trying. The building itself is a small old home (I think) with a paint-chipped porch and a backyard garden area. It’s charming and cozy, no doubt.

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I love the “Cheers” feel of this place – you won’t find any air of pretension at The Red Lark, common in some coffee shops. They’re glad you’re there and invite you to stay a while. Small café tables have chalkboards and chalk for you to doodle on. Many times, oldies music is floating out from the speakers. One of the rooms has a random grouping of books to flip through (hello, John Lennon photos). It’s relaxing and you just feel good being there.

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As for the drinks and food…heaven help. Everything I’ve tried has been scrumptious, and I’m stating this now – they have the BEST chai latte I’ve ever had. Ever ever ever. It’s creamy. It’s sweet, but not too sweet. It has the perfect combination of spices and foam and deliciousness, whether you choose to go with dairy, soy, or almond milk (my personal choice). If you love chai, you won’t be disappointed!

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I could go on and on about that drink, but I should tell you about the rest! They have a wide selection of coffee and mocha choices, as well as a few teas, all written in colorful chalkboard-form on the walls. I can’t say I’ve tried too many of them, due to my early fascination with the Best Chai Ever (or BCE, as I refer to it), but other friends I’ve visited there with have enjoyed their drinks very much.

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Another great reason to frequent The Red Lark is the nice variety of gluten-free items, especially in the dessert selections. I’ve been attempting to cut gluten out of my diet where I can, and knowing I will have some choices when I want lunch there is comforting! The menu consists of items such as quesadillas, French toast (oh yeah!), a snack plate of chicken salad and fruit, bagel sandwiches, and more – you are able to choose gluten-free bread with most of these, as well.

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A good friend and I visited there on a Friday night recently, when Mark was playing some ‘60s and ‘70s tunes. It was fun to be able to sit outside in the summer air while the music was pumped into the garden area! I believe they do this once a month and I highly recommend it. (Interesting side note – I just learned this week that Mark was the guitarist for DC Talk in their heyday. I honestly never listed to them at the time, but I know that’s a BIG deal in the Christian music community!)

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It’s obvious that I dig this place! I do wish they were open a bit longer in the day (are open 8-3, Tues – Sat except for special events), but I believe most of their business is in the morning. I really don’t have many cons…it’s a welcoming place to have a cup of tasty coffee, and I think you’ll like it! Thanks for reading today!

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