Guest Shopping: Tim Hortons

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Welcome to our very first guest post at Coffee Shoppers! If you'd like to guest post, contact us here Jan Moyer is a funny teacher and mom of four boys. She's also Canadian. You should definitely check out her blog and follow her on twitter.



There are plenty of stereotypes about Canadians. Yes, we love our maple syrup and hockey. Yup, universal health care is pretty great. And we are definitely polite. Sorry, I mean, we like to be polite, if that’s okay with you.

Although we tend to be a laid-back people, we can be passionate when necessary. If you have been to the Great White North then you have spotted that which riles up a Canadian like nothing else can.

Tim Hortons.

Oh, Tim Hortons coffee shops. Canadians love them or love to hate them, but mostly love them.

Tim Hortons is more than a coffee chain. It is a Canadian fixture.

The tradition begins at a young age. When we were kids, part of going on a special day trip was the stop at Tim Hortons for a big pack of doughnuts. Dad would take everyone’s order and one lucky child would get to go with him for the pick up. I was a loyal chocolate dip girl (still am).

Our oldest son’s first four word sentence was: “Large black, half decaf”. One of his birthday gifts this year was a $20 Tim’s giftcard. Our toddler can spot a Tim Hortons sign a kilometre away and starts chanting, “yeah, yeah, Mommy, MOMMY YEAH” in hopes he can con me into a quick detour into the drive-thru. And I have had more than a few mother-son dates that included a stop at Tim’s. They love it so much, they’ve started bringing their own money along on trips.

Let’s chat for a moment about Tim Hortons and the work place. I can’t speak to other professions, but it goes hand in hand with teaching. If you zip out for a coffee at a break, you either make it a covert operation and just buy one for yourself, or you get a pad and paper and start taking orders. If you decide to surprise coworkers with a midday Tim Hortons coffee you will be written into their will. Our teaching team even has a coffee club on Friday mornings so only one of us has to stop for our caffeinated bevvies.

Tim Hortons carries its own limited line of Christmas tree ornaments. Guys, ornaments. And I have bought more than one (strictly as gifts, of course).

The Tim Hortons coffee empire is arguably the most Canadian of all Canadian things. And recently it is being met with some new competition, but that’s another post for another day because right now, it’s time for Tim’s.

Have you ever been to Tim Hortons? In Canada or the U.S. (Jan tells us they are different breeds)? What's your order?

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