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Welcome to the first reader-recommended Coffee Shoppers review! Today's review comes to you by way of Haley Bragg, a Nashvillian Internet pal of ours, who gave us the heads up about Edgehill Café. [Feel free to make recommendations in the comments for next time!] photo(2)

Edgehill Café is located in (you guessed it) Edgehill Village, a charming little corner packed with yummy restaurants and cute shops, just off of the famous Music Row in Nashville (where most of the well-known record labels and some famous studios are planted). Edgehill just got a new chef and revamped their menu, so we were excited to explore their food in addition to their coffee. Thus, the first ever Coffee Shoppers: Lunch Date Edition. It was adorable. Sorry we forgot to instagram it.


The first thing you notice when you walk in Edgehill is the rustic/industrial feel and the spaciousness of the shop. The wood and chalkboards on the walls, tufted furniture, and bookshelves offset the concrete floors, warehouse-style building and more industrial furniture. Elizabeth called this look fancy industrial, which was similar, if not exactly the same way she described Bond Coffee Co. (Fun Fact: Elizabeth once thought she'd be an interior designer. It didn't pan out.) Edgehill also has a homey edge (no pun intended) to it. Case in point: they had a cozy window seat for Laura to sit on while she waited for Elizabeth to arrive (something that never happens) so that we could use another BOGO coupon. We are nothing if not resourceful. Said window seat even had board games underneath, in case Laura got bored waiting for Elizabeth to park (more on that later).


There is a cashier at a small counter at the entrance where you place your order and a window nearby where you pick it up. A little different than a traditional coffee shop. Like Sam and Zoe's, Edgehill is more like a restaurant.

Edgehill counter

There's a big focus on being a part of the Nashville community, as it has a sign with all the Nashville neighborhoods listed (Edgehill included of course) on the wall, and a bulletin board layered with posters for upcoming shows in town, which we like.

They have a great variety of tables and chairs. There were a few big tables (seating for at least 6), and one was booth-style. They also had a window bar, like Fido's fishbowl seat, as well as many two-tops and four-tops. There were a couple of different cozy-seating sections with armchairs and couches and they also have a fairly large patio for seating when it's not 100 degrees outside.

Edgehill Interior 2


Edgehill serves breakfast all day, which was extremely tempting. One of the specials was a Biscuit Monte Cristo:

edgehill biscuit monte cristo

Picture courtesy of Edgehill's Twitter account


Some of the other menu items that caught our eye were the homemade lemon-basil chicken salad, cinnamon roll oatmeal (!!), and house-made pimento cheese. Y'know, if you're into that sort of thing (Southern).

The drink menu is pretty standard, but it does have a few unique specials that change periodically, and they offer almond milk as an option in addition to the typical soy milk, which is a huge plus.

E: I got the pesto grilled cheese sandwich with kale salad. The sandwich features their house-made pesto, paired with cheddar, provolone, and swiss cheeses panini grilled on sourdough bread. It was delicious. The kale salad featured dried cranberries, which I wasn't prepared for, and seemed to be simply spritzed with lemon juice. It was okay, but not my favorite. The two together were $7 (pre-coupon).

I am not a food photographer.

Food taste rating: 7

Per usual, I got the iced chai to drink. I just saw on their facebook page they have pumpkin chai, which had I known, I would have tried. I appreciate that it is the same price as the regular chai. Anyway, my regular chai was pretty standard.

Tea taste rating: 8

L: I decided to go with a special called The Birdie, which was a grilled chicken sandwich with a cranberry-pineapple mayo. It was so delicious. The bun it came on, especially. Super filling but totally worth it. Sandwiches come with a choice of kale salad, spinach salad or chips, and I went for the chips. In retrospect I would've gone with salad, since the chips weren't anything out of the ordinary. Pre-coupon price: $9

Food taste rating: 9

Edgehill The Birdie Sandwich

For my coffee selection, I decided to be a tad more adventurous after seeing the menu. Why? You try to pass this up: the "It's Always Fall Somewhere" - a vanilla latte with cinnamon and honey.

Um, yes please. I was told it was a popular choice. There is a reason for that. Seriously.  I don't know how adding two simple ingredients turns an ordinary vanilla latte into joy incarnate, but it did. Way better than that other fall-themed latte that the Internet is obsessed with this time of year that shall remain nameless. (Yeah. I SAID IT. Where's the IAFS marketing campaign?)  I wanted to swim in it. Kind of. It was creamy and delicious and I fought to finish it after I left even though I was all but rolling around on the floor due to how full I was. We coffee shoppers are prepared to sacrifice for you guys.

Coffee Taste Rating: 10


The coffee was pretty because of the cinnamon, but there wasn't really an art factor:

Edgehill Always Fall Latte

Latte Art Rating: 3

The woman who worked at the register (among other things) was super nice, especially concerning the parking.  The food was brought out promptly as well.

They also had a nice condiments/silverware/free water bar that was a nice touch. We noted the availability of some highchairs, as well, people with small children.

Edgehill condiment table

Branded sleeves? Check. Square plates? Check. This place gets some presentation points. They didn't like put hand-carved radish roses on our sandwiches or anything, but they made it work.

Ratings Round-Up:

Fedora count: zero, but the clientelle was almost exclusively women. We did see a few pairs of men wearing undershirts-trying-to-pass-as-real-shirts and hair product having meetings, which everyone knows means they are in the music industry. They were also talking loudly about things like "lyrics" and "writing" and "melodies." Dead giveaways. We're sleuths in our spare time.

Disheveled Facial Hair Count: one. We had to bring this count back thanks to the unavoidable valor of the disheveled, long red beard on a man who worked there. It was a sight to behold.

Level of uncomfortableness upon walking in: 1. This place was pretty darn welcoming. See aforementioned window seat and friendly cashier. Also, most of the tables are off a ways from the entrance, so none of those pesky "who just walked in" stares to contend with.

Level of pretentiousness: 3. This is Nashville, after all, with the fancy-industrial style and the probably-reclaimed wood and the minimal parking and the musician meetings and the posters for local bands. But overall, the attitude was not pretentious. Just the right amount. It's basically the Goldilocks of pretension.

Parking: 2. Let's talk about the parking for a minute. Edgehill Village has a parking lot, and there were several spaces available. However, all the spaces said the spots were for 30 minutes only. We don't understand that concept. It's not like there was just a dry-cleaner and a to-go cupcake shop. Along with the café, there was also a sushi restaurant. People don't eat sushi in a hurry. And unless they're taking the coffee to go, they need time in the café, as well. There was also parking on the street, but it's a packed area at lunch time, so there were no spots. Elizabeth ended up having to park in a nearby lot and pay $3 because she was staying past lunch and needed more than an hour. It's not an unreasonable fee, but it was hot outside and she had to trek back to her car (located in the only available spot--the one furthest from anything) to put the ticket on the dash after purchasing it. Then trek back down the hill to the café (it was hot). Laura managed to find a spot in the lot at the shop, but then discovered the 30 minutes signs. She asked the cashier who said not to worry, they "hadn't been ticketing anyone lately," but it was still a bit unnerving.

Luckily, Laura had those board games to keep her occupied while waiting on Elizabeth/trying not to worry about getting a ticket. Edgehill Café is all cozy, with their books and games and comfy chairs. It's like they're saying, "Stay all day!" but the parking lot clearly says, "No, don't."

Parking aside, Edgehill Café is a great place to meet with friends, eat, work, or just camp out for a while browsing Pinterest and watching cat videos. Whatever, we're not the boss of you.

Have you ever been to Edgehill? Have you tried the house-made pimento cheese or the joyful lattes? Have you ever tried to park in Edgehill Village? Let it out. Let it all out.

If you have suggestions of where we should go next or would like to guest post for us, shoot us an e-mail or leave a comment below!

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