Coffee Shoppers Bingo

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Sometimes doing the same old things at a coffee shop can get boring--reading, writing, pretending to be writing but really watching Jennifer Lawrence interviews on YouTube. Sooner or later it's all old hat. Sometimes the person you're with is boring or you're being forced to meet with them by your job or your mom because she knows the other person's mom and they don't know anyone and she thinks you'll hit it off. Or maybe you're working on a blog post together and she has "taken over," so you just have to sit and stare while she edits everything you've just written. We don't know your life, okay? The point is, sometimes you need something to help pass the time. As always, we provide.

Introducing Coffee Shoppers Bingo--the only Bingo game that comes with no prizes except the joy of winning and mostly consists of judging staring at people.

Ready to play? You can view and download the Bingo card by clicking on the thumbnail image below (Laura is basically a graphic designer now). Happy shopping! Let us know if you win. Maybe we can come up with a prize for you. Probably not, because we're poor 20-somethings who blog for free, but hey, we can dream, right?

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Posted on August 7, 2013 and filed under coffee, tips.