Coffee Shop Playlist

playlist We believe everyone should have their own personal life soundtrack. Maybe Google glass will provide that for us eventually? We don't know what they're working on over there, but that would get us on board.

Unfortunately this is not yet the case (that we know of), and everyone knows you can't go to a coffee shop by yourself  without bringing your headphones. You can't just sit there, open to conversations with other human beings, can you? You're working on something very important (probably) and cannot be bothered.

But what do you listen to? Is it a Jay-Z kind of day? Lumineers? Katy Perry? How you do you decide?

Until Google decides to get its act together and focus on what's really important, we have solved this problem for you by way of a customized playlist for all your coffee shopping needs (arranged below according to scenario). Enjoy!

When the shop cuts off the WiFi in the middle of trying to trace back the origin of that gersberms meme: "Devil Town" - Bright Eyes

When you walk in to have your "usual" handed to you by the barista you know and love: Cheers Theme

When a person is talking loudly about the creative direction of their next all-banjo EP: "The Pretender" - Foo Fighters [You're going to want to turn your volume up (and maybe "accidentally" unplug your earbuds) for this one.]

When you're still trying to get over your hot, older ex-boyfriend who took you to get Maple Lattes before inviting you to celebrate Thanksgiving with his charming family:  "All Too Well" - Taylor Swift

When they are out of something and can't make the drink you always get: "(I Can't Live If Livin' Is) Without You" - Mariah Carey. [Try to keep tears to a minimum. There are people around.]

When you develop a crush on a fellow regular: "Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop" - Landon Pigg [duh.]

When you suddenly realize your headphones weren't plugged in while listening to Miley Cyrus, don't panic. Just IMMEDIATELY switch to: anything by Fleet Foxes or Arcade Fire or The Lone Bellow. Or something we've never heard of.

When there are no outlets, your battery is down to 20%, and you are three pages from the finish line: "The Final Countdown" - Europe

When you are trying to get work done, but there's a couple at the table next to you reenacting the fantasy suite scenes on the Bachelorette:  "Ohio is for Lovers" - Hawthorne Heights. [Feel free to scream along.]

When you are trying to get work done and Nanny-of-the-Year just came in and bought two toddlers frappuccinos: That One Song By Enya or the CD that came with your aromatherapy candle.

When they got your order right, you are sitting by an outlet, the ideas are flowing: "Everything's Right" - Matt Wertz

When the person beside you has managed to drop more names louder than you thought humanly possible in the course of one small Americano: "Royals" - Lorde

When the person under the fedora next to you is pretty hot and you're hoping maybe he'll check out the album cover.  Maybe you've even minimized your screen so that your spotify is clearly showing and available for a simple glance. Maybe. : Anything by the The Raconteurs

Writing the next great american novel: "Jack and Diane" - John Mellencamp; Alternatively: "Pink Houses" (Or as I thought it was called, "Ain't that America"). Basically any John Mellencamp song.

Being depressed by impossible crafts on Pinterest: "F(orget) You" - Cee Lo Green
Being depressed by impossible crafts on Pinterest but trying to look like you're writing the next great american novel: "God Bless the USA" - Lee Greenwood

When you are blogging: A motivational audiotape telling you that what you're doing is important. Even if no one comments on it. We suggest this video.

When you are writing a term paper heavily influenced by wikipedia, but attempting to make it look like you've never heard of wikipedia: Symphony No. 5 - Ludwig van Beethoven

When the person next to you is a hot musician type and you want to make sure you're listening to something cool in case he sees the album art on your iPhone or computer screen: "The One That Got Away" - The Civil Wars

When you really only brought your computer so you could sit and drink your latte alone without being bothered/feeling weird: Whatever the heck you want. This is your party. But we suggest Party Rock Anthem. [spotify id="spotify:user:edhyndman:playlist:66P7VHOW86HuDK8KgjAXqk" width="300" height="380" /]

What do you listen to at coffee shops? Do you have any other playlist scenario or song suggestions?

Posted on July 31, 2013 and filed under coffee, tea, tips.