coffee + tea + the internet


We didn't get to go shopping this week. Instead, we were forced to make our own coffee/tea and sit at our computers. But, we did find some fun stuff around the ol' web about coffee and tea.


Before you read any further, you're going to want to get the "coffee shop ambiance" going in your home/office/cube/car/wherever. Don't have tons of strangers stirring and blending and brewing nearby? Don't worry, the internet can do that for you. Check out Coffitivity, which brings the hustle and bustle of the shop right to your speakers.

Here's why Tea Is Better Than Coffee. [Fightin' words in many communities. Luckily we here at Coffee Shoppers, though we differ on this, coexist harmoniously and never even have to secretly wish we ordered the other person's drink.] [Go ahead and guess which one of us provided the link and which one wrote the disclaimer.]

Wanna know what's actually in your coffee? It's pretty science-y.


[It totally fights cavities, you guys. A little bit of rat poison here and there never hurt ANYONE.]

See if you can guess which beverage (Coffee or Tea) each of these countries prefers. I got 20/26.

Since we obviously can't go shopping every week, we are on the lookout for guest shoppers! If you'd love to tell us about your favorite local coffee shop or your favorite drink, let us know! Just click here to send us an e-mail. We'll read it. We promise.

In the comments we're going to play a short round of "Would You Rather?"
Would you rather... have coffee or tea? Would you rather... give up your beverage of choice for a week or the internet?

Posted on July 10, 2013 and filed under coffee, tea.