The Moroccan Mint Tea Latte

Or, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Please Move Closer to Nashville Let me tell you about my favorite drink--the Moroccan Mint Tea Latte from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. That's a mouthful, I apologize. (Also, who decided Moroccan had only one r? I always try to add one.)

I would show you a picture of a Moroccan Mint Tea Latte, but there wasn't a Coffee Bean in my terminal at LAX. I know. I went into full #firstworldproblems mode and complained about it to more than one person. One of my bags broke on the way to the airport and that was less tragic in my mind than getting one last Moroccan Latte before I left town.

Please accept this portrait of a Coffee Bean napkin as a substitute:

coffee bean and tea leaf

See, there are no Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf(s) around Nashville. According to Google Maps (which was not that helpful in this situation. The Coffee Bean website was even less helpful.), the closest Coffee Bean to Nashville appears to be in Dallas, Texas. That is not a day-trip, people. Therefore, whenever I go to a town with a Coffee Bean I make the Moroccan Latte a top priority.

What is a Moroccan Mint Tea Latte, you ask? You've probably been asking that from paragraph 1. Thank you for sticking with me. A Moroccan Mint Tea Latte combines three of my favorite flavors--tea, mint, and chocolate. Yes, they put chocolate in that latte and for that reason, I am unable to recreate this latte at home. It ain't Hershey syrup, y'all. It's Special Dutch™  chocolate. My local Kroger doesn't carry that. I checked.

The actual tea is Moroccan Mint. From the tea tin, I quote: "Handcrafted from the finest Gunpowder green tea and flavored with aromatic peppermint, this invigorating green tea closely follows the classic 18th century recipe created by tea traders in Casablanca. Long favored by Sheiks and British diplomats, this tightly hand-rolled tea, mistaken as 'gunpowder' to the early foreign traders who named it, unfurls during the steeping process, releasing a fresh peppermint aroma." It's serious stuff, you guys. The Sheiks and the Brits both liked it.

You can get the Moroccan Latte both hot or iced. That is important. Also important is the fact that, because it is green tea, it doesn't contain a lot of caffeine. As a non-coffee drinker, this is essential. Not a lot of tea lattes are made in your average coffee shop without caffeine. What am I to drink after 2pm? It can be trying.

In conclusion, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, please move closer to Nashville. I love your Moroccan Mint Tea Lattes and I'd like to consume them without having to drive all the way to Texas.

Sincerely, Elizabeth

Posted on June 19, 2013 and filed under out of town, tea.