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dose featured We're fans of any place of business with punctuation in its name, so dose. [coffee & tea] was immediately in our good graces. We managed to arrive at the shop a mere five minutes before it closed, because we didn't check the hours before hand. (Didn't they know we were coming? Don't they know who we are? You are about to find out who we are. #Reese #NotAThreat)

Don't worry, we still had time for a fedora count.

Fedora Count: 1

Number of people in the coffee shop at the time of the count: 5 (including two coffee shoppers)


dose. [coffee & tea] (yes, we will use the entire name every time) is a cozy little shop right off I-440 and West End. There are approximately 11 parking spots. Outside are several two-person tables and chairs (where this post was mostly written. They can't kick us out of the outdoors, right?*). Inside, we were greeted by a young, friendly female barista and a simple, legible menu hung across four panels above the counter. They boast local dairy products from Hatcher Farms and yummy-looking scones, complete with a gluten-free option, so they were already hipper than we expected. There were several booths and tables with chairs. Two people were working inside. It is a quiet environment perfect for studying/writing a novel/having a music business meeting/chatting with a couple of friends (as long as you use your indoor was a nice kind of quiet you wouldn't want to disturb).


We loved the shop's farmhouse feel, which it accomplished through thick wooden tables with cast-iron accents and rustic booths. They also had cute large square prints on the walls to bring in pops of color and add some cheer, including one detailing the process of coffee, also attesting to their hipness.


As a non-coffee drinker, Elizabeth appreciated the large selection of tea items on the menu. She also appreciates they include tea in the name. Equal rights, y'all. They offered tea by the cup and tea by the pot, milk tea, chai tea, iced and hot tea. She chose the milk tea, which was a grey tea (not the Earl, another grey. Perhaps Lady Grey?), Hatcher Farm milk, and sugar in the raw (among other possible ingredients). It was creamy and delicious.

Tea taste rating: 9

L: For consistency's sake (and I'm nothing if not consistant--some may say cautious and boring but I beg to differ), I ordered a 12 oz. vanilla latte with skim milk. Baristas are usually visibly frustrated that I don't just say "nonfat," but I find that some lesser-skilled baristas confuse this with "skinny" which includes sugar-free syrup as well and is therefore NOT THE SAME.

Latte taste grade: 7

The latte was good, but a little too sweet for my taste. In retrospect, I should have verified whether or not the 12 oz latte came with two shots or one, as one per 12 oz of milk is usually not strong enough for my liking. So if you're a seasoned coffee drinker I'd either get the 8 oz or make sure the 12 oz comes with two shots of espresso to ensure maximum latte delightfulness. If you like your lattes a little less coffee-y and a little more vanilla-y, stick with what I ordered.

We've heard their ginger lattes are delicious, but we didn't try one. Let us know how that is. According to their website, they also serve breakfast and lunch, which we think would probably be pretty delicious as well from the looks of it.


Latte art grade: 8. Not out of the ordinary style-wise or anything, but I appreciated the intricacy of the swirls and thought it was pretty.


dose. [coffee & tea] also has branded sleeves--something not all shops have--which we thought added a little to the presentation, since we were unable to get our drinks "to stay" due to the aforementioned lapse in judgment.


The branded sleeves also provided great instagram fodder:

dose insta

artistic photo by Elizabeth

The service was fast, which is always appreciated, but the baristas didn't sacrifice quality or customer service to get there. They were welcoming and friendly, even when they had to kindly tell us that they were closing in five minutes [so get out].

Ratings Round-Up:

Location: 5

This shop is on a very busy street right off the interstate. Again, due to our shameful tardiness we had to resort to sitting outside like common peasants, so we had to endure the noise for a bit while we conducted our analysis.

Disheveled facial hair count: 0 (to be fair, only three other patrons besides us were there, and one was a woman)

Level of uncomfortableness felt upon walking in: 0

Level of pretentiousness: 3 (this would probably be a zero if the two male patrons didn't look like they were brooding in the corners)

All in all we found this to be a cute, quaint shop, perfect for working, spending a rainy day, or having coffee with a friend. Have you ever been to dose. [coffee & tea]? How are the ginger lattes?

*We stand corrected. No, literally, they asked us to stand and leave. 

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