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Laura and Elizabeth met via Twitter and quickly became online friends (they do exist!). On a roadtrip to Atlanta, the idea for Coffee Shoppers was born.

Coffee-shop-goers need to know more than just "is the coffee good?" They need answers: will people judge me for putting sugar in my coffee? Is the music too loud? Is there music at all? Can I park my vegetable-oil-fueled VW bus there? Elizabeth and Laura are here to provide those answers. Plus, as Nashville is a hub for hip coffee shops, they figured they'd have months of content without even leaving their city.

We brave coffee shop culture so you don't have to. Welcome to Coffee Shoppers.




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Laura McClellan's experience with coffee has grown steadily since her middle-school days of guzzling scalding hot gas station "cappuccinos" on trips with friends (this was before Starbucks, okay? Kids today.). Eventually she progressed from sugar-filled mouth-destroyers to lattes and even real live coffee.

Laura is a native Canadian and Alabamian (possibly the only one) and lives in Nashville with her husband Craig and their zoo of animals, including an orange cat named Beckett, a tortie cat named Clara and a pitbull-lab mix named Macy. She is a freelance writer, frequently writing for Taste of Country. Find more of her stuff at You can also find her tweeting too much at @laura_mcclellan


Elizabeth Hyndman is not a coffee drinker, but she loves coffee shops. She is a connoisseur of tea, especially breakfast and chai latte varieties. She was born and raised in Nashville and still loves calling it home. 

She blogs (somewhat) regularly at Follow her on Twitter at @edhyndman.